High End tonearms, unique field coil loaded uni-pivot tonearm and finest gimbal tonearms crafted in The Netherlands

FCL Tonearm armwand cartridge matching.
From left to right: Air Tight Opus 1, Etsuro Gold, DS Audio Master 1, Lyra Atlas
For FCL Tonearm Turntable matching have a look

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DS Audio W-2 cartridge, Reference Tonearm, Kinea Turntable.

Thank you for visiting us at the High End Munich 2019.

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Celebrating analog music with the flagships of WVL 33221 Audio Frame Berlin, Air Tight ATM 3211 power amp and PrimaryControl FCL (field coil loaded) Tonearm, presented at beaudioful furniture.

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Motion & Emotion in Black & White.

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Quotation Jonathan Valid, The Absolute Sound, USA 2018.
“Extremely neutral and immediate, the system produced one of the most natural sounds I heard on my Chet Baker Lp.”
Read the full article here:

Cartridges: Air Tight Opus 1 stereo, Air Tight Opus mono
Tonearms: PrimaryControl Gravity, PrimaryControl Arrow SE
Turntables: PrimaryControl Kinea anthracite metallic, Kinea zebrano frame
Step ups: Air Tight ATH 2, ATH 3
Phono: Air Tight ATE 3011
Line: Air Tight ATC 5
Power Amps: Air Tight ATM 211, ATM 3211
Speakers: Wolf von Langa Audio Frame London, WvL Son
Audio rack: Beaudioful

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Kinea DD with zebrano wood frame.
9 inch Arrow SE tonearm with grenadile arm wand and headshell.
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Kinea DD anthracite metallic frame.
12 inch Gravity tonearm, curly birch outer arm wand.
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Gravity tonearm magnetic anti-skating device.
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The new ATM 3211 push pull 211 valve amplifier from Air Tight. 120W, more than enough.
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The phono equalizer ATE 3011 is also new. It comes with variable equalization curves, which makes it possible to play back pre 1958 mono recordings with the correct equalization.
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Wolf von Langa Audio Frame London.
How much power do you need? The Audio Frame London can also be driven by a 300B single ended valve amp.

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Miura-san surrounded by the ‚Team High End 2018’.

What our US distributer Believe High Fidelety writes about the Kinea Turntable on whatsbestforum.com

‚What I was trying to specifically accomplish here was to establish that the PrimaryControl Kinea and Arm at half of the cost would be on par or better sounding than the ………….. combo. That was a big success for me and this table is an understated masterpiece. Even the Aesthetics are very impressive in person, just not really understood in pictures.’

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Later this year, the Kinea Turntable will Debut (USA) at the LAAS in room 418.
(Unfortunately the LAAS organization announced, that the 2018 show will be canceled)

PrimaryControl Gravity Tonearm

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‚Mit Hilfe Ihres FCL Tonarmes bin ich im siebten Musikhimmel angekommen. Einfach Super!’
‚With the FCL Tonearm I arrived in music heaven. Just great.’
B.Reiser, Germany


We are always happy to receive feedback, especially if it is as positiv as Mr. Reiser’s comment about our FCL Tonearm.
Mr. Reiser said further:

‚I’m really excited about your tonearm! Piano e.g. sounds even better (Franz Liszt Fantasy for piano and orchestra on Hungarian Folk Tunes). This is how a piano must sound! It reproduces so many subtleties, that listening with the FCL Tonearm becomes a real pleasure.’

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A bespoke FCL Tonearm matched to the DS Audio Master 1 optical cartridge.
The Turntable is an Acutus TT from AVID.

FCL TONEARM now available.

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Since December 2017 we are shipping the new FCL Tonearm.
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FCL 9.5 inch chrome version